On June 6, 2019, at 7 pm, an exhibition was opened at the Anel Hotel in memory of one of the most significant and striking names of artistic life - Academician Svetlin Rusev. The Road exhibition, organized by the Union of Collectors in Bulgaria, includes a rich collection of works created from 1980 to 2018.

An special utterance present Angel Simeonov, a collector, poet and close friend of the Maestro.

Road in the Desert -
the way to eternity ...

My soul is a wanderer in the wilderness,
lost in the sandy sea.
She wandered for a long time,
blasted by stormy winds.
And I'm just a moment in time
and sand from the desert.
I am doomed to carry the burden -
the soul of a lonely slave. "

"Art is a path in the wilderness, a path of deprivation and suffering, steep and thorny, a path that leads to eternity. That bright sad-white line in our souls and hearts that, in our memories, connects us past and present in a sublime and beautiful spiritual world. Svetlin walked his bright path, reached his Golgotha. This emblematic, monumental painting behind me, A Dream Before Exhibition, is in fact a dramatic account of his entire complex but deeply meaningful life. There he is - he walks, grasped by the white angel's hand. He set out for his beloved people who were waiting for him - up there, in the pale moon blue of the transient ... He was one of the brightest personalities of our time - a power lover and dissident, accepted and denied, blasphemous and God-fearing. So were his paintings - gray and black, liked and disliked, mysterious and mystical ... and saddened. Perhaps this is what we looked like - and my poems are sadder. But sadness is the basic feeling in poetry. And Svetlin loved poetry. He was one of my first readers, encouraged me to write, wanted to give him poems in draft before being printed in poetry books. The last poem I dedicated to him couldn't read him. I wrote it minutes after Professor Valery Stefanov gave me the sad news of his passing. Rest in peace!"

to Svetlin -
goodbye, my friend!

The sun sank into the dusk
above the silent forests,
who have been crying with the fall of the leaves
with leaves - autumn tears.
The words mean nothing here -
there is no gloomy silence
and only the raven crows
among the desolate plains...
Last touch in black and white -
one life - one picture,
under a sorrowful brush came to life,
and in verse last eternally alive. "


"The Road" - an exhibition
in memory of Academician Svetlin Rusev
June 6, 2019, 7:00 pm
Hotel Anel

Prof. Valery Stefanov thanked on behalf of the collectors in Bulgaria, saying that this is the second part of this exhibition. It is a collection of paintings from the Union of Collectors in Bulgaria. Prof. Stefanov thanked the people who provided their paintings, and in particular to Prof. Aksiniya Dzhurova, curator of the exhibition, together with Prof. Marazov - for the efforts they made for the appearance of this exhibition and hopes all present to appreciate what they have done. He also thanked Angel Simeonov, who had purchased the painting "A Dream Before Exhibition" in due time.

"Svetlin was a very emotional, dynamic and very hard working man. He was a man with tragic feelings about life and the world. And those who know him probably know this. Svetlin held an extremely large share of the Collectors' Union in Bulgaria. I can say that he and several others made this alliance. He took great care of him. And this exhibition is the smallest gesture we can make for it. A bright memory of Svetlin, a man with a huge place in the Bulgarian culture, who is yet to be appreciated, ”Prof. Valeri Stefanov concluded.

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