Thermal zone

In ANEL SPORT you can enjoy and relax in the Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, salt sauna, steam bath and refined relaxation area.

Finnish sauna (90-110°C) is a traditional, effective and safe method of eliminating toxins from the body.

The salt sauna (80-90°С) is enriched with negative ions. Staying in it raises your body temperature, enhances blood circulation and therefore improves the body's physical and stress resistance.

The Infrared sauna is with a temperature of about 50-60°C. The infrared rays warm the body in depth, thus achieving not only the purification of the body, but also the breakdown of fat deposits.

The Steam bath is with a temperature of about 45-50°С and air humidity almost 100%. It is an effective means of hydrating the body and restoring vitality.

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